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The Significance of 31st GST Council Meeting Held on 22nd December 2018

GST Council among the thirty-first meeting held on 22 December 2018 at New Delhi took following choices referring to changes in GST rates and clarification on the product. the choices created by the GST Council are conferred during this note for simple understanding. the same would be impacted to through Gazette notifications/ circulars that shall […]

GST Rates: Revised!

The GST Rates has been revised for about 200 items! It has been changed for items ranging from chewing gum to chocolates, to beauty products, to wigs and wrist watches. This major revision of tax rate has brought a huge relief to Indian Consumers and Businesses. Another great boon for the common people is the […]

Concerns regarding GST continues..

There has been a huge increase in the number of people who are interested in knowing more about GST. And people are overflowing in every training sessions conducted regarding GST across the country. After the GST has taken into action the taxpayers have been provided with almost 17 information centres by the government. Even though […]

How does GST affect small business owners?

GST is one of the most significant reforms that India has taken after Independence. But it has created a lot of confusions and concerns among many small business owners. It is said that GST is going to pave the way to an incredible growth in the Indian Economy. Taxes like Excise, VAT and Service Tax […]

Seven Myths and Realities about GST

Myth 1: You should create all invoices only on computer/ internet. Reality 1: You may generate invoices manually.   Myth 2: You require the internet at all times to do business under GST. Reality 2: The Internet is only needed while filing monthly returns of GST.   Myth 3: You have a provisional ID but […]

GST: All you need to know

What is GST? Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a value-added tax at each stage of the supply of goods and services accurately focused on the amount of value addition achieved. It aims to eliminate the inefficiencies in tax system that result in ‘tax on tax’ which is known as cascading of taxes. GST is […]

Item wise list of GST Rates

Here is the list of GST Rates of various items. GST Tax Free Goods. GST Tax Free Services. GST 5% Tax Goods. GST 5% Tax Services. GST 12% Tax Goods. GST 12% Tax Services. GST 18% Tax Services. GST 28% Tax Goods. eZcom is here to guide you and solve any of your doubts regarding GST, […]

GST: Input Tax Credit Mechanism

GST: Input Tax Credit Mechanism The provisions of input tax credit have been prone to the process of taking legal action. The Model GST law provides an elaborate mechanism for availment and utilization of ITC and seeks to impart clarity so as to minimize disputes. The important provisions of the law are as follows: The […]

Goods and Services Tax (GST): Salient Features

Goods and Services Tax (GST): Salient Features The introduction of GST is going to be a very important step in the field of indirect tax reforms in India. It is perceived that GST would increase the competition of our products in both Domestic and International markets. Many studies have proven that such a situation would […]

Impact of digitalization in GST

Impact of digitalization in GST There will be very little interface between the tax payer and tax authorities under GST. Certain important provisions in this regard are as follows:   The registration will be granted on-line and shall be considered to be granted if no deficiency is communicated to the applicant within 3 common working […]